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My name is Jennifer Underwood.
Most people call me Jenn.
I am a wife. A dog mom to Presley who is almost 16 and my furbaby and no children.  I truly believe Beauty comes both from the inside and outside and that’s why Oxyjen Beauty Therapy.

I believe there is a connection between what you see on the inside and how you feel on the outside. I created Oxyjen Beauty Therapy to help you see and truly believe in yourself. 

I have done all of the inner work and have years of experience helping women with outer work. 


As a licensed esthetician, a globally recognized customer service expert, and a mindset coach. My goal is to help you find what I already see in you... your true beauty.  I have spent all of my career dedicated to helping others feel better about themselves, whether it is through their skincare, their beauty regimen, or in their new homes. 

My goal is to help you transform your life, get more confidence, grow in your own skin, and simply feel beautiful every day. I balance both the deep internal work you need to show up as yourself with the outer skin and beauty needs so many women neglect. 

I want to help you feel beautiful in your skin both inside & out.

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You are beautiful both inside and out, and I want to help you not only see but truly believe that. I have two different ways that you can connect and work with me. Each of which will help you where you are right now. 

Let's talk about outer beauty 


Beauty comes from the inside and out, and I want you to feel beautiful in both. If you are having trouble feeling good on the outside, book your complimentary beauty assessment call. 

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Let's talk about inner beauty


One of the most critical aspects of having and demonstrating true beauty is what's going on inside. I truly believe that there is a huge connection between what you believe and see inside and how it shows on the outside. 

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What other's have said...


Jennifer is the best type of leader. Because of her commitment to greatness and her competitive spirit, she has gained an incredibly impressive level of knowledge and skill. However what makes her a truly special leader is that she is most proud not of her own successes, but of the successes of the people she’s mentoring. Having Jenn as a leader has given me the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be successful and I could not have asked for a better mentor.


We met for a relaxing afternoon of laughter and cool beverages.  I instantly liked Jenn as she was so welcoming, very inspiring and so easy to chat with.  And you know that the true you always shines after you have had a few beverages.  But Jenn was truly herself.  Happy, carefree, caring and full of giggles.  Over the last few years, I have really gotten to know her better on both a friendship level and as a mentor.  She is ALWAYS available to answer your questions, share her knowledge or guide you along your path towards success.  She is extremely positive and has a true passion in leading her team.  She is committed to both her customers and her team. It is a true honour having her as my mentor.  She is someone I look up to and admire more and more every day.  A true inspiration of an excellent leader and friend.


When I think of Jenn Underwood these qualities come to mind! Dedicated, passionate, consistent, beautiful inside and out, thoughtful, generous, and supportive. Jenn is a born leader and I am very grateful to call her my mentor but more importantly my friend.

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